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My 2022 Gift Guide

Since starting Breeches and Sweats, one of my favorite posts of the year is my holiday gift guide. My guide has always included a variety of ideas that are perfect additions to your own wish list, as well as great suggestions for others. I’ve included some of my favorite tried and true products, and also some new items on my own wish list. Of course, I’ve kept my tradition of surveying some of my friends and getting a sneak peak at what special gifts they’re looking for this holiday season.

In Breeches

For the Horse



TKEQ Cosmo Sweater USE CODE LIV15 FOR 15% OFF

TKEQ EZ Packable Jacket USE CODE LIV15 FOR 15% OFF

In Sweats






Brook & York Necklace - perfect for customized jewelry (I have a layered set of JT and Lux)

What’s on my friends’ wishlists?

AM: A painting of my horse and me

KH: Organizational stuff for College or Dyson AirWrap

NG: EGO7 Breeches and a Charles Anacona Jacket


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