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Meet Liv & Nat

Meet Liv, the original creator and writer behind Breeches and Sweats! After finishing a successful junior, and starting out in the amateur classes in the winter circuit as well as the northeast in the summer, she headed off to college. As a freshman, she's here to share her new experiences in life while not being as consistent in the tack. She often comes home to ride Nat's horse and ride any that she can find in the barn. She looks forward to more opportunities as an amateur rider in the years to come

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Meet Nat, Liv's younger sister, newly taking the role of writer and manager of Breeches and Sweats. Nat is quickly establishing herself as a strong  junior rider up and down the East Coast, collecting ribbons at places like The National Horse Show and WEF.  She and her young horse, Flayders, are gearing up for the 2024 season ahead as they strive for new goals and big milestones in their partnership. Natalie shares the unique perspective as a multi-sport athlete, playing club hockey alongside riding, and being a full-time, in-person student in her first year of high school

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