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Let’s Get Moving!

I’ll admit, balancing working out, school, riding, and a social life can be challenging. While everything else comes easily and naturally, working out seems to always be my last priority. I try to workout at least 3-4 times a week, but honestly that can change to 2 times a week and sometimes I just follow my body and give myself a rest week. Some people like to stick to a specific schedule, but I try to listen to what my body needs while also keeping in mind what my riding schedule looks like and how I can best compliment it. Remember, you ride horses and you get at least a good 30-minute full body workout every day between grooming, tacking and riding (drop your stirrups for an even tougher workout).

One key thing you’ll notice in my workouts below, I usually use no equipment. This makes it easier for me to take my workouts with me wherever I go, offering me flexibility (and no excuses!) I usually alternate between 3 different workout plans. This keeps it simple enough to follow and varied enough to keep it interesting for me.

Workout Plan 1

For my first plan, I do core and leg. After a five-minute warm-up to get my heart pumping and my muscles warm, I start with about 10-15 minutes of leg work. It varies who I use to do my workout (YouTube, Peloton, or Barre3) but I end with 5 minutes of alternating leg calf raises to help with my leg strength when riding (suggested by my trainer). One of my current issues while riding is my leg swinging back over fences, specifically oxers. Workout my legs and calf more has helped my leg have the strength to stay still. After that, I usually will do a 10-minute core. My favorite core classes are from Peloton with Robin Arzon or Olivia Amato. From time to time, I’ll search on YouTube for core workouts, but I mainly use Peloton. I like to do core workouts pretty consistently because it helps support my back, which helps me when I ride. Core workouts have helped me with my half seat and keeping a nice and balanced position over fences. I will always end my workout with a good stretch to cool my muscles down and increase my flexibility. One of my favorite tricks when stretching is to put on one of my favorite shows to keep me stretching for longer. It’s kind of my reward at the end of a workout and keeps me from skipping stretching. The two photos below show the difference in both my leg and position over the course of a year!

March 2019 aboard McIlroy

July 2020 aboard Just Tornesch

A few of my current favorite workouts:

Olivia Amato 10 minute ab workout or Robin Arzon 10 minute ab workout on Peloton

MadFit 10 minute ab workout – I choose no equipment

Workout Plan 2

My second workout plan starts with a 10-minute cardio. Personally, I prefer a low impact cardio class from either Peloton or YouTube. I might also go for a quick walk with my dogs, or if I’m at home I will hop on the treadmill or elliptical. After, I will do a 10-minute core class followed by a 5-8 minute arm workout (slowly increasing as I get stronger). Then I will do a 5-minute calf workout and stretch.

Some of my go-to workouts!

Any 10 minute Barre3 strength conditioning

Workout Plan 3

This plan is definitely my easiest and most low impact of all my workouts. I start with a 10-15 minute walk (power walk or normal) around my neighborhood to get my body warm. Finally, I will do a 10-15 minute core workout possibly followed by my calf workout depending how I’m feeling. This workout is normally on a day where my body is pretty tired and/or I know I have a long ride or lesson as part of my day.

A few other of my favorite workouts

5 minutes of calf raises (usually watching a show)

Those are my 3 favorite workout plans! They’ll change time to time, but I mostly will rotate between my leg – arm – and then an easy day. If none of these seem interesting or exciting to you, find what you love! Some of my friends and family love cardio dance, yoga, running, pilates, or swimming. Find what motivates you! If you find something that motivates you, you’re more likely to stick with it! When I don’t get a chance to workout for a while, I try to eat healthier, drink more water, and get good sleep to maintain my health. My priority with exercise is keeping my body healthy and strong for my riding. It’s not about looking a certain way or being a certain weight-it’s all about how I feel and how I perform.


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