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Top 5 from WEF ‘24

As most of you probably know, WEF 2024 has sadly come to an end. I was so lucky to spend almost all of my winter down in Florida, competing and riding at one of the most spectacular venues. While I absolutely love having a 12 week continuous circuit, I’ll also be the first to admit that it can be tiring, days can be long, and mornings can be early.  The general love for competition and my horses makes every sweaty hour worth it, but, there are a few items that I’ve compiled for you that definitely helped me through the longer days. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite things that I not only want to remember and use for next WEF, but that should also be helpful for the summer shows ahead. In no particular order, here are my Top 5 from WEF 24!

#1: Long Sleeves

Surprisingly, I found myself reaching for long sleeves any day I could. Not only do I love the sleek look of some of the riding shirts above, but they are way more practical when riding a lot of horses and being under the sun for a number of hours. Most shirts nowadays are made extremely breathable, like my favorite TKEQ one shown above, so I am usually able to stay cool, while also giving my skin a break from the sun. Long sleeves were my ride or die when my skin was a touch red from the day before, or I was trying to ward off that farmer's tan. Specifically, I loved wearing the turtleneck styles as they als protect my chest and neck!


#2 : Face Wipes/Hand Wipes

This seems like a very “Liv” thing for me to say, but as a teenager with sensitive skin, these were so nice to have on me at all times. I started by throwing in just normal hand wipes, which were great to have, but I realized my face was practically just as dirty as my hands. I threw a bag of these in my backpack, and on the golf cart, and once I started using it daily at the show, the difference was visible on my skin. The amount of build up from sweat, dirt, and horse hair that ends up on your face is just disgusting, having these wipes handy was so nice and refreshing


#3: MaeLort Backpack

I could talk about this bag for days. This is 100% my favorite product on this list, and also the most used. This backpack is my favorite because of its versatility; While it makes an extremely nice ringside backpack, it also makes a perfect travel, or every day bag since the straps that hold your helmet can be tucked away. It also has so many compartments for all of the small, random items that I carry along with me. It’s hands down one of the best horsey back packs on the market, it’s not only fashionable and cute, but it is one of the most practical bags I own


  • MaeLort Backpack

  • MaeLort Belt Bag (this also belongs on the list because it is so useful at the show! my MaeLort belt bag either lives on me, or is attached to my backpack!)

#4: Iniu Portable Chargers

Between the horrible cell reception at WEF, and the constant videos of rounds and clips for the blog, my phone was always low on battery this winter. Not only do these portable chargers charge insanely fast, but they also have an extremely long life. I go weeks without charging these, and they will still get my phone to 100%. I would have been a goner without these, I think my family has at least five by now.


#5: KIWI Boot Polish

If you were like me, then you probably didn’t know what made a “good” boot polish, or that there were really differences between polishes. My new barn, as all barns should, prioritizes good turnout, horse and rider, which leads me to my next item. This boot polish is 100% the best; it easily buffs, leaves your boots so shiny you can see your reflection, and can be found at CVS and many grocery stores, making it an easy grab. They also have an incredible buffing sponge, that I believe works ten times better than everyone’s typical yellow Effax one. A must have when entering the equitation, or any ring for that matter!


I hope you not only enjoyed this post, but that some of these items find their way into your possession this year! These are all total game changers when combating heat, exhaustion, and long days. I would love to continue this installment in the future, so stay tuned for more Top 5 posts in the future


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