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Why I love my Samshield Helmet

You all by now know I am super picky about the products I chose for myself and my horse. I’m EXTRA picky when it comes to keeping my head safe and protected. Samshield helmets are my #1 choice for helmets for so many different reasons.

I wear the Shadowmatt standard helmet in the color black. I have never loved a helmet more than I love this one. Its light and durable shell is beyond comfortable and its matte finish looks chic and classy whether I’m schooling at home or in the show ring. Another reason I love my helmet is because I never have breakouts! Samshield specifically designed your helmet to not have padding sit directly on the front of your forehead. The lack of bulky padding provides more comfort, a better fit and no skin problems. Before I switched to Samshield, I always had bumps and irritations where my helmet sat on my forehead. It was painful, annoying, and hard to manage! After switching to Samshield, I have not had skin irritations caused by my helmet.

Depending on my riding schedule for the week, I will wear my helmet for 3-9 hours per day. Pre-Samshield I would have to take my helmet off mid-day and grab some Advil because of a raging headache. With my Samshield, I never have this issue. Most of the time, I literally forget it’s on my head (and both my sister and I accidentally wear them on our way home!) Another amazing thing about these helmets is that you can try many different liners. This essentially allows you to customize your helmet so it perfectly molds to your head. Whether your hair is up or down, these interchangeable liners provide a perfect fit and can be removed by the Velcro for ease of washing.

Safety is obviously the biggest priority when it comes to riding. I’ve had quite a few hits to the head when falling off a horse and I have never trusted a helmet more than my Samshield to protect my melon. My favorite safety feature of the Samshield Helmets is the rigid chin straps that reduce the risk of the helmet tipping forward, protecting your entire head during a fall. Also, the liners have foam which molds to the shape of your head, maintaining its shape and providing the perfect, secure fit. Lastly, the hidden vents at the top of your helmet allowing maximum airflow under your helmet while riding, preventing overheating on those hot summer show days.

There are so many different styles and colors you can choose from when shopping with Samshield. You can choose a glossy, velvet, or matte finish, a wide brim or regular brim, black or navy color, or even add a touch of personalization with the different color choices for the trim! Samshield offers many different options to make your helmet an expression of your unique style, while also keeping that classic, refined equestrian look.

Check out Samshield’s website for more information about their helmets and options!


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