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What is in my locker!

If you didn’t know, I am an organizational freak! I love to organize, clean, pack, you name it, I love it (I know its weird). In today’s post, I am going to show you everything I keep in my lockers.

At my barn, each horse has their own locker. I use JT’s locker for mostly tack, and Lux’s locker for some random, but necessary items (I have linked most of the products I talk about in this post.)

Let’s start with JT’s locker!

I purchased an over the door shoe hanger from amazon and it’s absolutely perfect (and closes with my saddle). I hang a towel on the side for bit wiping/wiping off my hands

1st section (top)

  1. JT’s show bit

  2. Lux’s hacking/jumping bit (whichever one is not being used)

  3. Hoof ointment

  4. Extra back boots (JT destroys his + extra for lunging)

2nd section

3rd section

4th section

  1. Lux’s polos

  2. More treats because I couldn’t fit them

  3. Lux’s favorite “horse nibbles

  4. I keep JT’s Antares bridle next to the shoe hanger

Inside my locker I keep:

  1. Antares Saddle

  2. Supracor half pad

  3. On my amazing and adjustable shelves (linked here):

  4. Grooming Tote (click HERE to view what I keep in it!)

  5. Saddle Pads (3 fit perfectly)

  6. JT and Lux’s girths (my favorite one)

  7. Lux/JT’s tail (it comes downstairs during showing since we use it so much)

As you can see, I keep everything very minimal and organized. However, it can definitely get messy when I start rushing or on a show day!

Now for Lux’s locker!

  1. Lux’s Antares bridle (I swap out the bits for jumping vs. flatting)

  2. Lunging bridle

  3. JT’s new halter from Antares!!

  4. Poultice and Magic Cushion – we poultice, magic cushion, and wrap our horses every time they jump

  5. My quilts + wraps for both horses usually go on-top of the drawers, but they were all in the wash!

On the top drawer:

  1. Papers + Gloves for poultice

  2. Vet wrap for magic cushion

On the bottom drawer:

And there you have it, my very minimalistic locker tour! These are my absolute must have items that I use almost every day when with the horses. Any products that are not used every day are in my tack trunks in the loft (tour coming soon!) See you guys next time.


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