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Top 5 Must Haves for the WEF Season

After nearly 12 weeks of showing here in Florida, I have most definitely picked up some new must have / favorite products for both myself and Lux. Especially at WEF, there are tons of opportunities for shopping, and we have definitely taken advantage of them this circuit. Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite things from WEF 2023.

First, I got the opportunity earlier this circuit to chat with Kimberly Maloomian, founder of Dziasport. Kimberly’s goal in creating her tack brand was to redesign tack items to make them more efficient while continuing to honor tradition. I got my hands on her Hunter Girth and Easy-Off Martingale.

Starting with the Hunter Girth, I am typically apprehensive in using fully leather girths on my horses. However, this hunter girth has the softest leather and incredible cushion. Not to mention its beautiful stitching and look.

The Easy-Off Martingale is possibly one of the greatest tack inventions ever. We all know the struggle of having to get off of our horses to take the martingale off before a flat or under saddle. Most of the time, it’s a crazy rush to get back into the ring. The Easy-Off Martingale attaches to the D-ring of your girth with a clip. This allows you to keep your saddle and girth in place when taking the martingale off.

I have also fallen in love with the Equifit T-Sport Wrap. Lux has a splint on one of his front legs, which prevents him from wearing hard shell open-front boots. While the Multiteq boot is awesome for hacking at home, it doesn’t have a sleek look, especially in the equitation. The T-Sport Wrap is beautiful and provides “maximum compression and non-slip” support to your horse's legs. Although they must be hand-washed, they have become my favorite leg protection for the show ring.

I have supported and loved FitEq Apparel (previously known as The Fit Equestrian) for years. I was so excited when they announced the addition of show shirts to their collection! The Bryce Show Shirt is possibly one of the most flattering and comfortable show shirts I have ever worn. It’s breathable, fitted, and sleek - the three things I look for most in every show shirt. I particularly love the zipper feature in the front, which makes it easier to close the top of my show shirt when I’m in a rush (or I forget - that happens a lot).

If you know me, you know how much I love Loopy’s Crepes. Luckily, they’ve been at WEF all circuit, so I’ve been able to feed the addiction for the past 11 weeks. Loopy and Danny (the owners) are two of my favorite people ever. They are so unbelievably kind, and I absolutely adore talking to them. Their food is outrageously delicious too, and there’s always something for everyone! My favorite order is a crepe with chicken, cheese, spinach, broccoli, tomato, and a little bit of onion. When I’m craving something sweet, I go for a crepe with Nutella, banana, and whipped cream. I am definitely going to miss seeing Loopy and Danny every day, but luckily they travel to many of the horse shows we attend so we get to see them year round!

For Christmas this year my sister and I received wooden trunks through McGuinn Farms. They are located in Ft Lauderdale, but they have a trailer here at the showgrounds throughout the circuit. My parents were able to order our trunks and have them delivered directly to our farm here in Wellington. I have loved having a wooden trunk this circuit. I used plastic trunks for years, and although they’re great, they’re not “pretty,” nor are they always functional in the horse world. We customized the layout of my trunk and designed it to fit my organizing needs. I have two trays on the top that allow me to organize my smaller items, and the bottom is open. One tray is fairly shallow, where I keep my jump vest, sunglasses, sunscreen, phone holder, etc. The other tray is deeper, and I keep my helmet, treats, sprays, etc. Although this is not a definite need, I am absolutely loving having a wooden trunk and consider it a lifelong investment. The solid construction and classic design guarantee it will last for years.

I wanted to include a couple of smaller must-haves when at WEF:


A good portable charger - the service here is terrible and it drains your battery

Belt Phone Holder

Nameplates/Name tags on everything

Golf Cart or Motorized vehicle (make sure you have your license per USEF rules to operate any motorized vehicle!)


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