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My Current Favorite Meals

Being at home all the time (I am an online student), I am always coming up with different meals and snacks throughout the day. As an athlete, I think it’s important to be fueling your body with foods filled with protein, nutrients, fats, etc. I am the type of person who gets obsessed with a snack or meal and could eat it nearly every day (and I usually do). Once I get a little bored with it, I will explore new meal ideas. In today’s post, I am going to share with you some of my current favorite meals and snacks!


Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day. I love to start off my day with something quite filling. I don’t like my breakfasts to consist of a granola bar or something quick, I like to have a bigger breakfast filled with protein to keep me energized.

Egg Sandwich - for me, egg sandwiches are a staple in my breakfasts. Eggs provide great protein and keep me full and fueled for hours. My favorite types of egg sandwiches are egg & cheese or sausage egg & cheese on a plain bagel. I like to sometimes pair my egg sandwich with one of the Trader Joes hashbrowns as something extra.

Bagel w/ Cream Cheese - recently, I have been absolutely obsessed with bagels. I know, not the most nutritionally balanced food, but I find them satisfying and delicious. I don’t currently have a bagel brand that I love, so I have been getting homemade bagels from a local bagel shop and toasting them throughout the week. Smearing on cream cheese and having a side of fruit adds some protein, fat and nutrition to an otherwise empty carb meal.

Open-faced PB & J - I obviously had to my all-time favorite breakfast / snack! An open-faced PB & J is a staple in my weekly meals. Some days, I will do an open faced PB & J, other days I will do PB & Banana (sometimes I will add a drizzle of honey), but I prefer to put these on a waffle.


I typically don’t eat a snack in between breakfast and lunch. Instead, I will have an earlier lunch (typically between 11:30 and 12:30). I like to have a big lunch for two reasons: 1) I am usually STARVING and 2) so that I can have one mid-day snack in between lunch and dinner.

I am a huge sandwich girl. Give me a turkey and cheese sandwich and I will always be happy. I have recently been making a turkey, shredded cheese, arugula, avocado, and mayo grilled sandwich (like a grilled cheese but with a little more juj). This sandwich is the bomb and I am totally obsessed with it. I usually add some tortilla chips on the side to my sandwiches.

My current favorite lunch item has to be a green goddess salad. It’s light, delicious, and super good for you (my favorite recipe is linked here). I scoop the salad with some Tostito tortilla scoops. You’ll want to keep scooping and eating this salad, it’s just that good! This salad is perfect to make at the beginning of the week and eat throughout the week. I would also count this as a great snack in between lunch and dinner.

Soups are another staple in my lunches. I am a sucker for any homemade soup. My family usually picks up a couple of soups from Whole Foods or a local grocery store that I will eat. My family also makes a lot of soups for weeknight dinners. Leftover homemade soups are perfect for a quick lunch. We had a take on a white chicken chili for dinner this week and it fed me all week long. Don’t underestimate how good leftovers are the next day!

I have always loved bagel pizzas; they’re easy and fairly healthy to make, and we usually have all the ingredients in the house. I will add sauce, cheese, and olives to a bagel and throw them in the toaster for just about 10ish minutes (watch for the cheese bubbling). **Quick tip - toast your bagel for a couple of minutes prior to adding the toppings. It gets the bagel a little crisper and is easier to eat.

Another favorite lunch for me has to be burrito bowls. They're healthy, fulfilling, and delicious. I love to get a burrito bowl with lettuce, beans (extra because I don't add meat), rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream!


My family almost always has dinner together, but every once in a while practices and riding get in the way of that happening. For the dinners when it is “every man for themselves,” I will usually go for leftovers or one of my typical lunch meals.


I love snacks. I try to snack as healthily as possible, while also fueling my body. I personally don’t think cucumbers will hold me over until dinner, so I try to seek out something that I know will keep me energized while riding and studying. Some of my go-tos include:


Apples and Peanut Butter (or cheese)

Banana with Peanut Butter and chocolate chips

Skinny Pop, Smartfood, or Goldfish w/ a Gogo Squeez (though it is processed, I find it’s a quick easy snack to take to the barn that does fuel me)

Crackers w/ Cheese

Granola Bar

Cheese Stick

Clementine (not super filling long term but great for a quick snack!)

I would love to hear what your favorite meals and snacks are. I’m always looking for new ideas to shake up my weekly plan.


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