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In the Bag: My current top 5 products

As most of you probably already know, I am crazy picky about the products I choose to use on both myself and my horses. I am very much a creature of habit and love to keep everything the same.'s always fun to try out new products! Over the past couple of weeks, I have have checked out some new stuff-some were used or recommended by others, some I saw in-store or online and had to try and one I just stole from my sister (ok two)! Surprise surprise, some of them have even made it into my daily routine at the barn! So today, I am going to be sharing with you my current top 5 products!

Ps. All products are linked!

First, the Horse Heath Products IceTight Poultice has been a WIN for horse shows. If you use poultice as much as I do (we poultice and wrap after every jumping session), then you know the struggle of getting all the poultice off the following day. I have always been a fan of Uptite poultice, but it doesn't dry super fast and does not come off easily in water. The combination of these two things creates a nightmare when running late for a horse show. I have found the Horse Health poultice comes off super easily through currying or water and does its job of extracting heat well. It is a total win during the show season.

Though this isn't technically new for me, Lux LOVES his salt lick. I use the Horsemen's Pride Salt Snack on a Rope because it is so easy to attach anywhere. I keep one at home in both boys' stalls and I have one in my trunk that I travel with and stick in their stalls at shows. Not only are they getting their salt in every day, but I think it also gives them something healthy to do if they're bored in their stalls.

The EQyss Premier Rehydrant Spray is another big hit recently. Not only does it smell amazing, but I have seen a big difference in their coats. Natalie, my sister, is actually the one who originally got it, and I have been stealing it from her ever since. I feel that the spray has truly rehydrated their skin and given it a nice shine. I know that some sprays can create build-up in their skin, but this spray has never left anything but a glow and a fantastic smell in the barn.

I recently tested out my sister's ACE belt (I'm seriously just stealing all her stuff at this point), and I LOVED IT! It was super stretchy, durable, and definitely gave me support. There are definitely belts similar to this that looks good, but don't really do what they're supposed to, to hold up your breeches! However, I found this belt is not only cute, but super functional. I will definitely be purchasing one of my own ACE belts before New England Finals next week.

Ok so this isn't technically a horse product, but I have been loving the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and Huggies baby wipes. Both of my horses sweat A TON. Lux sweats a lot on his face and eyes and if I am not careful, the sweat can burn the hair off of his face. Therefore, I am super protective of their faces and keeping their hair healthy. When it comes to the care of my horses I try to use the simplest, safest ingredients possible. I like to ask myself, would I use this product on myself? And funny enough, I use Huggies almost every day. I use the wipes more frequently than I am willing to admit to get off any poultice, Alfalfa (thank you, JT), or dirt I get on my arms. Not only is the Johnson and Johnson shampoo gentle and easy on their skin, but it does its job perfectly. I use the shampoo as frequently as possible, but as we head into the cold weather, I will be transitioning to using the wipes more frequently. I like to take a damp towel and get as much sweat off as possible before using the wipes (I find it works easier that way).

Like I said, when I find something I love I keep it! But it's also fun to check out new, innovative and interesting products, especially when a friend (or your favorite blogger) recommends them. I'd love to hear about your favorite products and anything new you've tried that you've fallen in love with!


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