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Baby It’s Cold Outside

After many years of searching for the perfect wardrobe for my horse, I have finally compiled my list of favorite blankets. My goal was to find the best blankets that can last multiple winters (and withstand my horse’s antics in the paddock) at the best prices. In my list, I have found blankets that don’t break the bank, stay together in the rain and snow, look nice on the horse, and don’t give them blanket rubs. Today, I’m going to show you my favorite blankets that JT either uses now or I have used in the past. I tried to give a variety of prices, but I wanted to list the products I truly believe in and enjoy using.

Turnout Sheet – weatherproof, no-fill, lightweight protection

Stable Sheet – lightweight cotton sheet for slightly cooler days/evenings

Medium Stable medium fill stable blanket for the chillier days, great for layering too

Medium Turnout – medium fill, weatherproof blanket made to withstand the outside elements

Heavy Turnout – the heaviest fill, warmest blanket will allow your horse to be turned out in the chilliest days

Quarter Sheet – for riding on colder days to keep their bodies/muscles warm

Cooler – warm lightweight blankets for before/after rides or layering under other blankets

Irish Knit – cotton open-weave blanket for after bathing or when they are sweaty after a ride

As you can see there is a wide range of prices, but you can find quality blankets at any budget if you know what you’re looking for. You can spend more for a name brand or pattern or more “bells and whistles,” but I have found the best bets are the blankets that will do what they’re supposed to, are simple and streamlined and will hold up after being washed…a lot! Those are all the blankets I love and would recommend to anyone looking. Like all my other products, I’m pretty picky about what blankets I use on JT and all of these blankets listed would be Liv approved!


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